New York Metropolitan Transit Authority demand Sikh Employee remove his Turban

The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) may require Kevin Harrington (Sat Hari Singh), a member of the Sikh faith, to remove his religiously-required turban in order to maintain his job as a subway train operator.

Mr. Harrington has worked as an MTA train operator for over twenty years while wearing his turban. On June 7, 2004, the MTA ordered Mr. Harrington to take a job in an MTA yard, away from public view, because he would not remove his turban. After a public outcry, the MTA rescinded the order the next day, reinstating him to his train operator job. However, on June 15, 2004, in a letter to Mr. Harrington’s union, the MTA stated that it will likely require Mr. Harrington in September 2004 to choose a job in the yard again because he wears religious headdress instead of an MTA hat.

July 18, 2005, New York, NY - Five Sikh Station Agents bravely filed discrimination charges against the MTA this past Friday. The Sikh workers charge that a post-9/11 policy requiring them to brand their turbans with an MTA logo amounts to religious discrimination.

Please email the MTA and demand they respect religious rights in the workplace.