Zee News programme offends Sikh community

Following the reports of Malicious, Profane and Decisive Programme aired on ZeeTv network defaming SIKH panth and its followers, WORLD KHALSA YOUTH ORGANIZATION requests all GURU SANGAT to Boycott ZeeTV from their subscription packages.
Above mentioned resolution against predisposed, abusive and debasing attitude formulated in the programme "DESH DROHI" (TRAITORS) is justified in accordance with GURMAT.

Preposterous & vituperative statements were used throughout the program in attempt to malice the image of Sikh people throughout the world . Sikhs living in other Indian states were branded as terrorist and the Sikh Sangat across the globe as active sponsors of terrorism. Certainly, Perpetrators of such onerous and tyrannical complications are oblivious to glorious, distinguished and divine Sikh history. However Sikh Sangat must consolidate and unite to resist any such attempt to defame the RELIGIOUS ,SOCIAL AND CULTURAL heritage of SIKHISM.
BOYCOTT of ZEE TV network should and must continue proviso sincere and apologetic and equally convincing report is published by the relative network .
SIKH SANGAT across USA, CANADA, EUROPE AND OCEANIA may call the network for termination of their subscription stressing upon the reason and hence spreading the message of peaceful demonstration.
An overwhelming response and co-operation is solicited by all sikh sangat in this cause for preservation of Sikh faith.THANKING all GURU SWAROOP SANGAT.